Russian Express & Russia overseas warehousing

Российская экспресс логистическая компания и услуги склада зарубежом

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BE (8256) is a development oriented to the development of electricity for the Russian development trend, to provide more value-added services and line channels, Russia Express, Russia overseas warehousing and distribution system seamless docking, focus on creating a new type of logistics enterprises.
BE (8256) specializes in Russian green logistics, all-round offer: Russian Express, Russian logistics, Russian overseas warehousing, port border warehousing, import and export declarations, etc., through: air, rail, train, land, sea and other modes of transport, Vigorously launched a full range of high efficiency and low cost of services, to achieve 7-12 days, 10-18 days, 18-30 days, 30-50 days of double tax package delivery service.
BE (8256) insist on cross-border business to provide a more comprehensive Russian express delivery, warehousing and distribution, reduce the problem of dispute rate, and customers together towards a beautiful cross-border road!

BE (8256) carefully invested in the Russian cross-border logistics road, choose the most convenient, safe, stable and efficient way, so that each customer to experience the non-general logistics service system to solve customer problems, Our most basic quality!
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