Russian Express & Russia overseas warehousing

Российская экспресс логистическая компания и услуги склада зарубежом

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North Russian logistics

With the rapid development of China and Russia, the logistics network with high efficiency and high service has been established and the permanent cooperative relationship between China and Russia has been established. Our service will also be of great importance to our country. Endless.
After the rapid development of the "YC", in 2016 the creation of "BE logistics"(8256) all-round line of channel integration, the Russian express, logistics, air, rail, overseas warehouses, import and export and a series of Sino-Russian transport services, Development-oriented, for the development trend of Russia, to provide more value-added services and line channels, and docking business platform, global express, postal network, double-clear line, overseas warehouses and other inquiries under the single function, focus on creating a new logistics enterprises .
* We cherish every package, grasp every opportunity, so that every customer has a non-general experience.
* Integrity, seriousness, patience, innovation, listen to the aspirations of each customer, let us grow up together.
* You can imitate, but must go beyond, to choose their own, improve themselves, beyond their own.
* Complex things simple to do,Simple things to repeat,Repeat things carefully,Intentions to things innovation.
* To maintain quality service, with a smile and happy mood to meet customers, have a good image.
* Even if some small errors do not run, but also timely feedback to customers, so that customers forgive.
* Complaints encountered problems, than to sell products more polite, so that customers are more satisfied.
* Small customers and large customers have to be treated equally, positive treatment, is the company's fundamental prosperity.

North Russian logistics - not by chance!



Professional Russian transport, all-round offer: Russian Express, Russian logistics, Russian overseas warehousing, port border warehousing, import and export declarations tax rebate, and the opening of a number of countries around the world double clear channel, while the battery, food, chemicals, liquid powder And other sensitive goods also have a wealth of operational experience, we are not wrong to choose.


The main force into the overseas warehouse market, the establishment of outstanding elite team to help customers solve the Russian dispute communication problems, deal with the problem, the ruble exchange collection, product consignment assistance work, import and export tax rebate, overseas warehouse to achieve 1-7 days delivery, Goods to achieve 10-15 days delivery service, not the best, only better, I believe we can grow together!


We focus on the Russian transport, speed sell, self-built platform, yandex customers, Sino-Russian trade, Russia designated logistics and other customers to provide quality services, and docking third-party platform ERP, and Russia Post, CDEK, PONY, dellin, baikalsr and other logistics companies Close cooperation, so that stability, fast, safe, affordable service!

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